Art and Drafting Supplies - MA store only

We have 5000 square feet of space committed to Art Supplies in our Acton, Massachusetts location. We carry a large variety of synthetic and sable brushes, paints and papers for many different mediums such as pastels, charcoals, watercolor, oil and acrylics. We also carry clay, book binding, calligraphy and origami supplies along with a large selection of portfolios, easels and poster frames.

We carry large sheets of imported, handmade, marbleized and decorative letterpress papers for any DIY project. We can also supply you with watercolor d’Arches 140lbs.+300lbs. papers, matt board, colored art papers, poster board, foam core, project boards, chip boards, felt, foam and Styrofoam.

Arts and Crafts such as googly eyes, popsicle sticks, paint by number, glitter, clay, how to books, pipe cleaners, crayons, markers, crepe paper, poster paint and other miscellaneous items to enhance a student’s creativity.

Drafting supplies are also part of our inventory such as vellum tracing papers, drafting films, drafting instruments, T-squares, templates, storage tubes, and drawing tables.

Please call with any special request. We are happy to accommodate orders for items that are not part of our inventory, and to satisfy your creative needs.